Terms of Use

Warranty conditions Effeci Update Date 2013.

1. Transport of goods

The goods always travel at risk of damage by the customer.
Effeci with goods under warranty, limits itself to replacing defective mrce from the construction always and exclusively at its headquarters Return shipping costs of the same are always borne by the customer who complains about the problem encountered.
In most cases complexes where our technicians must go to the site for the repair / replacement or installation of the goods previously sold / rented, all travel / board / accommodation costs are borne by the customer - Effeci will be required to pay only the technical staff who will go to the site and the goods to be replaced or repaired. All the goods that have had due wear are not covered by the warranty at normal working time, stored in environments that are not suitable for their characteristics, which encounter problems after installation.

2. Guarantee between Business to Business

The guarantee in this case is for a maximum of 1 year while for electronic goods 6 months.
Any guarantee expires if the goods are tampered with in any way, even with attempts to repair without written authorization from Effeci.
Any other particular communication relating to the guarantee must be written on the purchase contract.

3. Disputes

Any controversy, the competent court of Florence (IT) will attest. The customer accepting the contract of purchase of the goods from Effeci accepts the warranty conditions reported on the effecitheater6d website
These warranty conditions are exclusive until new communications or updates are published on the Effeci website

4. Data Controller

The Data Controller is Zirtoni Daniela via B.Vallerempoli, 56 50063 Figline and Incisa Valdarno (FI) ITALY Telephone: (39) 0559544091

5. Contacts

For any information, request, clarification you can contact us by sending an email to the address   info@effecitheater6d.com