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Cinema & Personalized multimedia entertainement

Why choose us

In the last 10 years we have focused on developing several kind of special effect's attractions such as multi-dimensional cinema, creating more than multimedia projects in the world.

our Mission

Effeci - Group has evolved the classic Cinema 5D up to the current Cinema 10D, to wich we then applied the VR technology, offering the maximum involvement in the visione cura del cliente.

What we do

Effeci - Group for over 30 years we offer our experience for the creation of facilieties for the entertainmenet of adults and children, developing projects dedicated MDE IN ITALY with the utmost professionalism and customer care.

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Each project is customized thanks to a careful study of customer needs and expectations. Every detail becomes a fundamental data for us.


The main components of the cinema are supplied by multinational brands that guarantee assistance in every country in the world. Fundamental aspect in order to be able to assure our customers constant operation.


A manager and a technical staff are always available to the customer in case of need, thanks to an online professional assistance service 24 hours


The software is constantly updated through an information system.


The software allows the addition of new films provided by Effeci - Group or other production companies chosen by the customer, to whom we will guarantee technical support.

Company Policy

Effeci protects customers' investments. Each project is designed to be updated to modern technological standards, making the product innovative and competitive.

Our Team

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Da Vinci Experience", a multimedia exhibition at Santo Stefano al Ponte” For children, but not only, the presence of cartoon perfectly in theme, to obtain a physical and sensorial special sensation. Inside, you are transported to a virtual world that becomes "real".".

Perfect evening at the Burger King!

B.K. burgerking.it/

CINEMA 10D ... Prepare to be amazed!

BigBowling bigbowling.it

It is a unique cinema of its kind, which makes genuine emotions live beyond imagination.

Dharma V Kanhye Il Resto Del Carlino